COVID-19 Requirements

The Weathervane’s Policies and Requirements Have Changed In View of COVID-19

As you know, the way we travel is quite different now, so we want to prepare you for your trip to ensure our safety when you visit the Weathervane.

Social Distancing : Social Distancing continues to be in place. It is a recommended/required practice in public settings. During your stay, please be mindful of other guests and maintain at least the suggested six-feet distance to ensure the safety of our community.

Masks and Protective Face Coverings : We require our guests wear face coverings when visiting the office and while in public areas. Please bring one with you to protect yourself and others. The Weathervane has changed its check-in/check-out process to ensure minimum contact.

Hand Sanitizers and Other Cleaning Equipment : Hand sanitizers will be available in the office during check-in/check out at the Front Desk. We recommend bringing your own hand sanitizers and wipes for sanitation during your stay.

Continental breakfast and coffee will NOT be served to minimize the spread of COVID-19 until further notice.